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Derek Lewis Photography Gift Prints are perfect for display in the home or to give to a loved one! Prints are often available in multiple sizes and finishes to match any decor or budget. Shipping fees are included in the price within the Continental U.S. and subject to fees outside of the Continental U.S. Please email with any questions or special orders! If you are interested in high-end, limited print, collectible art, then please check out the Fine Art Print Shoppe!

"Artist's Point in Brushstrokes"
2011 Yellowstone National Park

Artist's Point in Brushstrokes

"Better Than a Rubber Ducky"
2007 Hartford, CT

Better Than a Rubber Ducky

"For My Crush"

For My Crush

"Hartford Capitol"
2007 Hartford, CT

Hartford Capitol

"It Never Stops Raining"
2007 Hartford, CT

It Never Stops Raining

"Just the THought"
2008 Roger Williams Zoo Providence, RI

Just the Thought

"Only Pieces"
2008 Roger Williams Zoo Providence, RI

Only Pieces

"Sudden Purpose"
2008 Colchester, CT

Sudden Purpose

"The Chilly Branch"
2011 Yellowstone National Park

The Chilly Branch

"My Favourite Building"
2007 Hartford, CT

My Favourite Building
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