Derek Lewis Photography Storybook Collections
How would you like your story told?

The Epic Romance Collection: This collection has it all! Having two photographers at your wedding for a full 10 hours means your story will be captured from all angles. This collection includes a 40-page 18”x14” album upgrade and a beautiful 16”x20” gallery-wrapped print. Multiple Mini Book albums (up to 30!) and Parent Books (Up to 8!) means you can share your story with everyone. And, full-resolution files of your images on DVD means you can tell your picture-perfect tale over and over again!

The Novella Collection: The Novella Collection is perfect for weddings that are just a little longer and a little larger. As a special gift to grandparents or the wedding party, this collection includes up to 30 Mini Book copies of your album. If that’s not enough, how about a 16”x20” photo print and 16”x12” album upgrade to sweeten the deal? Conversation pieces like these are sure to give you plenty of opportunities to tell your story.

The Fairytale Collection: This wedding collection is a best seller! And it is certainly the best balance of service and affordability. Plenty of prints, two photographers, a 13”x9.5” album, and parent albums sounds like a work of fiction, but ti’s a dream come true! Add to this our unique coffee table book design and you’ll certainly live happily ever after.

The Sonnet Collection: This collection accents all of the love from a Shakespearean romance without any of the tragedy. The Sonnet Collection includes a 30-page album and high quality prints. Consider this a slightly more refined version of the Love Poem Collection... still budget-friendly, but with some added flare!

The Love Poem Collection: Tell your story in a simple, yet elegant, manner where every word is as important as the next. This short and sweet collection displays the best images from your special day. The Love Poem Collection offers a manageable price while still providing everything you need to remember your wedding day. It is perfect for small, intimate gatherings or budget-conscious couples who still know the importance or receiving a professional, tasteful product to cherish for years to come!

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